About Us

Offering Interpreting Services in Lexington Kentucky

It’s no secret that the demographic makeup of America is changing. This fact is reported almost daily in our newspapers. What aren’t so obvious are the effects that this shift has upon your ability to provide service to those who rely upon you for medical care, education, social services or justice.

In the past, hospitals, schools and other organizations have relied upon a hodge-podge of resources to provide interpreting services. Often, family members or a staff member who may have no relevant knowledge or experience have been used. We are now finding that professional interpreting and translating require more than fluency in a foreign language. They require knowledge of industry terms and procedures as well as an appreciation for cultural nuances.

Founded in Central Kentucky, Accipio Language Services is on the forefront of the national movement to standardize and professionalize medical interpreting. Our staff has chosen this field as a career and we are eager to share our experiences and training with you.

Like other Accipio clients, you will find that we are able to provide a higher quality interpreter at a lower overall cost and with fewer management headaches than you would experience by staffing this position internally.

Accipio is a corporate member of the International Medical Interpreter Association and the National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare.  Please explore our website or call us to learn more about our services.